“SAWA” Social & Health Clinic

Sawa is a social and healthcare Clinic assisting people in need with an excellent medical attention and high quality services for free or at minimal costs. It was established in 2017 due to the efforts and contributions of a group of volunteers.

The clinic offers a blend of expertise and devotion to assist patients with different services for various disease conditions.

These services include: Primary doctors, providing consistent medications for chronic diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, blood tests, ultrasound, mammography, pediatrician, baby vaccines for measles and paralysis among others, otolaryngologists, dental care, and physical therapy treatments.

As an added value to its services, Sawa organizes a series of awareness conferences. It also supports orphanages, nursing homes and people with special needs in addition to hosting an annual dinner for elderly without families.

Sawa seeks your help to save thousands of lives in Lebanon and serve families with low or no income. Please pledge your support by making a donation today.

*Sawa healthcare clinic address:  Bekfaya, Sakiyat Al Misk, Lebanon.

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